Gold Membership

Exclusive Moira C Gold Membership Club.

This exclusive Membership Club has been created to thank Moira C loyal ladies and gentlemen for supporting her over the many years. Her products have been so successful and Moira C appreciates that a lot of her success is down to you all.

By signing up to this Exclusive Club, you will receive your very own designated membership card with your special number. This gives you access to the latest Moira C products at discounted prices and you can enjoy the privilege of FREE DELIVERY - This only applys to UK residency.

In addition, throughout the year you will receive information about our special discounted offers, which are only available to Gold Club Members.

Use your exclusive Gold Membership number everytime you make a purchase. Just call us direct on 07533 877235. If the line is busy, leave your name, telephone number & Gold Membership number and one of her staff will call you back within 48 hours to take your order.

So if you haven’t joined yet and would like to take advantage of the “super bargains", call the above telephone number for a membership form and we’ll get one out to you.

Exclusive Membership Form

Moira’s friends and customers can benefit from FREE p&p when ordering direct from Moira C along with extra offers with the new


Simply complete your details and return the form to the address below to receive discounts on orders made directly through contacting our office on

PHONE: 07533 877235